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ASH 2023: Top abstracts in lymphoma and CLL

Dec 5, 2023

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To help navigate the exciting content presented at the 65th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting and Exposition, the Lymphoma Hub Steering Committee have provided their recommendations for the top abstracts to look out for in Lymphoma and CLL.

Indolent and mantle cell NHL


Outcomes of patients with relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma (R/R MCL) treated with brexucabtagene autoleucel (brexu-cel) in ZUMA-2 and ZUMA-18, an expanded access study

Andre Goy


Real-world outcomes of brexucabtagene autoleucel (brexu-cel) for relapsed or refractory (R/R) mantle cell lymphoma (MCL): a CIBMTR subgroup analysis of high-risk characteristics

Swetha Kambhampati


Long-term efficacy of a 6-month regimen of rituximab and lenalidomide in follicular lymphoma patients in need of first therapy: updated analysis of the SAKK 35/10 randomized trial

Emanuele Zucca


Real-world experience of CAR T-cells in patients with relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma: a Descart Registry analysis from the Lysa

Emmanuel Bachy


Tazemetostat in combination with R-CHOP in patients with high-risk, frontline follicular lymphoma (Epi-RCHOP): a phase II study from the Lysa

Loic Ysebaert


Multicenter study of mantle cell lymphoma outcomes following first-line bendamustine-rituximab and second-line Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

Yucai Wang


Clinical outcomes of patients with relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma treated with tisagenlecleucel: phase 2 Elara 3-year follow-up

Stephen J. Schuster


TRANSCEND FL: Phase 2 study primary analysis of lisocabtagene maraleucel as second-line therapy in patients with high-risk relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma

Franck Morschhauser


Mosunetuzumab monotherapy continues to demonstrate durable responses in patients with relapsed and/or refractory follicular lymphoma after ≥2 prior therapies: 3-year follow-up from a pivotal phase II study

Stephen J. Schuster


Subcutaneous (SC) mosunetuzumab (mosun) as first-line therapy for patients (pts) with high tumor-burden follicular lymphoma (FL): first results of a multicenter phase 2 study

Lorenzo Falchi


Ibrutinib combined with venetoclax in patients with relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma: primary analysis results from the randomized phase 3 Sympatico study

Michael Wang


Preliminary findings of a phase Ib/II trial indicate manageable safety and promising efficacy for mosunetuzumab in combination with lenalidomide (m+len) in previously untreated (1L) follicular lymphoma (FL)

Franck Morschhauser


CD19-targeting CAR T-cell therapy in transformed Waldenström macroglobulinemia/lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma: A Descar-T and US collaborative study

Eric Durot


A window study of acalabrutinib & rituximab, followed by chemotherapy & autograft (ASCT) in fit patients with treatment naïve mantle cell lymphoma (MCL): first report of the investigator-initiated Australasian Leukaemia & Lymphoma Group NHL33 ‘Wamm’ trial

Eliza A. Hawkes


A multicenter phase 2 trial of zanubrutinib, obinutuzumab, and venetoclax (BOVen) in patients with treatment-naïve, TP53-mutant mantle cell lymphoma

Anita Kumar


Induction and maintenance therapy in elderly patients with mantle cell lymphoma: Double-randomized MCL R2 elderly clinical trial by the European Mantle Cell Lymphoma Network

Vincent Ribrag


Pirtobrutinib in relapsed/refractory (R/R) mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) patients with prior cBTKi: safety and efficacy including high-risk subgroup analyses from the phase 1/2 BRUIN study

Jonathon B. Cohen


Safety and efficacy of relmacabtagene autoleucel (relma-cel) in adults with relapsed/refractory mantle cell lymphoma (r/r MCL): updated results from a phase II open-label study in China

Yuqin Song


Tazemetostat in combination with lenalidomide and rituximab in patients with relapsed/refractory follicular lymphoma: updated phase 1b results of Symphony-1 with 22.5 months follow-up

Gilles Salles


Orelabrutinib monotherapy in patients with relapsed or refractory Waldenström's macroglobulinemia in a single-arm, multicenter, open-label, phase 2 study: long term follow-up results

Xinxin Cao


Marsun, a phase III, multicenter, open label, randomized, controlled study investigating mosunetuzumab-lenalidomide versus investigator choices in patients with relapsed or refractory marginal zone lymphoma (R/R MZL)

Catherine Thieblemont

Hodgkin's lymphoma


Nivolumab-AVD is better tolerated and improves progression-free survival compared to Bv-AVD in older patients (aged ≥60 years) with advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma enrolled on SWOG S1826

Sarah C. Rutherford


PD-1 blockade before autologous stem cell transplantation improves outcomes in relapsed/refractory classic Hodgkin lymphoma: results from a multicenter cohort

Sanjal H. Desai


Treatment patterns and outcomes for patients with classic Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) and cardiomyopathy with low ejection fraction (EF): real-world evidence (RWE) from 16 US academic centers

Kaitlin Annunzio


Results from an intergroup randomized phase II study of the combinations of ipilimumab, nivolumab and brentuximab vedotin in patients with relapsed/refractory classic Hodgkin lymphoma: a trial of the ECOG-ACRIN Research Group (E4412)

Catherine S. Diefenbac


Brentuximab vedotin, nivolumab, doxorubicin, and dacarbazine for advanced stage classical Hodgkin lymphoma: efficacy and safety results from the single arm phase 2 study

Hun Ju Lee


IMM01 plus tislelizumab in prior anti-PD-1 failed classic Hodgkin lymphoma: An open label, multicenter, phase 2 study (IMM01-04) evaluating safety as well as preliminary anti-tumor activity

Keshu Zhou


Progression-free survival (PFS) and toxicity with nivolumab-AVD compared to brentuximab vedotin-AVD in pediatric advanced stage (AS) classic Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL), results of SWOG S1826

Kara M. Kelly


Pembrolizumab (pembro) in children and young adults with low-risk classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) with slow early response (SER) to front-line chemotherapy (chemo): early results from the phase 2 keynote-667 study

Lisa Giulino Roth

T-cell lymphoma​

Aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma


Treatment intensity and outcomes in elderly patients with DLBCL receiving first line therapy

Steven M. Bair


Predicting toxicities in older adults with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) receiving systemic chemotherapy: a prospective geriatric assessment (GA) study

Pallawi Torka


Real-world evidence in the United States (US) of the impact of bridging therapy prior to axicabtagene ciloleucel (axi-cel) for the treatment of relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma (R/R LBCL)

Michael Roderick Cook


Lisocabtagene maraleucel as second-line therapy for R/R large B-cell lymphoma in patients not intended for hematopoietic stem cell transplant: final analysis of the phase 2 PILOT study

Alison R. Sehgal


Plasma circulating tumor dNA (ctDNA) as an alternative to tissue DNA for genotyping of DLBCL: results from the POLARIX study

Fabrice Jardin


Circulating tumor DNA dynamics as early outcome predictors for lisocabtagene maraleucel as second-line therapy for large B-cell lymphoma from the phase 3 TRANSFORM study

Ash A. Alizadeh


Efficacy of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy is not impaired by previous bispecific antibody treatment in patients with large B-cell lymphoma

Gloria Iacoboni


Results of the Astral study: A prospective phase II clinical study of the German Lymphoma Alliance to assess the efficacy and toxicity of high-dose chemotherapy followed by allogeneic stem cell transplantation as treatment of primary progressive and relapsed aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Bertram Glass


Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in elderly patients with relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma: a multicenter study

Aung M. Tun


Circulating tumor DNA analysis associates with progression-free survival (PFS) with odronextamab monotherapy in relapsed/refractory (R/R) follicular lymphoma (FL) and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL): Identification of minimal residual disease status and high-risk subgroups from the phase 2 ELM-2 study

Jon E. Arnason


Glofitamab monotherapy in relapsed or refractory large B-cell lymphoma: Extended follow-up from a pivotal phase II study and subgroup analyses in patients with prior chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy and by baseline total metabolic tumor volume

Martin Hutchings


Final analysis of the phase 2 ELM-2 study: odronextamab in patients with relapsed/refractory (R/R) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)

Sabarish Ayyappan


Ibrutinib added to standard conditioning and as consolidation therapy following autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AutoHCT) for relapsed/refractory activated-B-cell subtype diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (ABC-DLBCL): Primary analysis of the US Intergroup double-blind randomized phase III study alliance A051301/BMT-CTN 1201

Charalambos Andreadis


Mosunetuzumab plus polatuzumab vedotin demonstrates a favorable safety profile and efficacy in patients (pts) with relapsed or refractory (R/R) large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL): primary analysis of a phase Ib/II study

Elizabeth Lihua Budde


Autologous transplant (auto-HCT) is associated with improved clinical outcomes compared to CAR-T therapy in patients (pts) with large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL) achieving a complete remission

Mazyar Shadman


Results of the phase II of Epirchop study, evaluating the efficacy of tazemetostat in combination with R-CHOP in elderly newly diagnosed diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL): a Lysa study

Clementine Sarkozy


Mosunetuzumab and polatuzumab vedotin demonstrates preliminary efficacy in elderly unfit/frail patients with previously untreated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Adam J. Olszewski


Glofitamab monotherapy in patients with non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma after failing CAR T-cell infusion: primary analysis of the Bicar study, a phase II Lysa study

Pierre Sesques


3-year analysis of ZUMA-12: A phase 2 study of axicabtagene ciloleucel (axi-cel) as first-line therapy in patients with high-risk large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL)

Julio C. Chavez


Efficacy of CD19-directed CAR T cell therapy in patients with primary or secondary CNS lymphoma – an analysis of the EBMT Lymphoma WP and the Gocart Coalition

Anna Ossami Saidy


Five year outcomes of patients with large B-cell lymphoma treated with standard-of-care axicabtagene ciloleucel: results from the US Lymphoma CAR-T Cell Consortium

Jay Y. Spiegel


Early prediction of treatment response by circulating tumor DNA profiling in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma receiving CAR T-cell therapy

Anna Katharina Foerster


Deciphering the clinical benefit of Pola-R-CHP versus R-CHOP in different genetic subtypes beyond cell of origin in the POLARIX study

Franck Morschhauser


Comprehensive geriatric assessment and geriatric intervention in older patients with newly diagnosed lymphoma: a prospective study

Alberto Lopez Garcia

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia


Extended follow-up of ALPINE randomized phase 3 study confirms sustained superior progression-free survival of zanubrutinib versus ibrutinib for treatment of relapsed/refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia and small lymphocytic lymphoma

Jennifer R. Brown


Impact of ibrutinib dose reduction on duration of therapy in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma

Mazyar Shadman


Pirtobrutinib in post-cBTKi CLL/SLL: ~30 months follow-up and subgroup analysis with/without prior BCL2i from the phase 1/2 BRUIN study

Jennifer A. Woyach


Lisocabtagene maraleucel (liso-cel) in R/R CLL/SLL: 24-month median follow-up of TRANSCEND CLL 004

Tanya Siddiqi


Outcomes of patients with Richter transformation without prior chemoimmunotherapy for CLL/SLL: an international multicenter retrospective study

Adam S. Kittai


Ibrutinib plus venetoclax with MRD-directed duration of treatment is superior to FCR and is a new standard of care for previously untreated CLL: report of the phase III UK NCRI FLAIR study

Peter Hillmen


Relapse after first-line fixed duration ibrutinib + venetoclax: high response rates to ibrutinib retreatment and absence of BTK mutations in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)/small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) with up to 5 years of follow-up in the phase 2 Captivate study

Paolo Ghia


First-line venetoclax combinations in fit patients with CLL: 4-year follow-up and NGS-based MRD analysis from the phase 3 GAIA/CLL13 trial

Moritz Fürstenau


Acalabrutinib ± obinutuzumab vs obinutuzumab + chlorambucil in treatment-naive chronic lymphocytic leukemia: 6-year follow-up of Elevate-TN

Jeff P. Sharman


Ibrutinib, fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and obinutuzumab (iFCG) for firstline treatment of patients with CLL with mutated IGHV and without del(17p)/TP53 mutation: Six-year follow-up analyses

Nitin Jain


Impact of COVID-19 in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia treated with venetoclax: a possible role of the association to anti-CD20 antibody? A multicentre Seifem study

Francesco Autore

Advances in disease biology​

ASH 2023 abstracts

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