What are the driving forces in patient selection for CAR T-cell therapy in aggressive lymphoma?


At the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago, US, Matthew Alexander Lunning, University of Nebraska, discusses the factors which influence the selection of patients with aggressive lymphoma who are eligible for CAR T-cell therapy.

Dr. Lunning explains that there are about 27,000 new cases of aggressive lymphoma per year, and with each line of therapy, the effectiveness of that therapy goes down. To date CAR T-cell therapy is approved for the second line diffused relapsed refectory diffused large B-cell lymphoma. Dr. Lunning also explains the results of the ZUMA-1 trial, that showed a 2-year progression free survival in about 39% of patients, and further explains the many factors involved with patient selection. Dr. Lunning urges physicians to consider if patients should have an intervention or consultation to look at whether CAR T-cell therapy may be a treatment option for their patients.