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Miles Prince Executive Steering Committee Member

Miles Prince Executive Steering Committee Member

Professor Miles Prince is the Director of the Centre for Blood Cell Therapies at the  Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, AU, Director of Molecular Oncology and Cancer Immunology at  Epworth Hospital, Melbourne, AU, as well as Professor at both  University of Melbourne and  Monash University, Melbourne, AU. Prof. Prince obtained a BSc in Medicine (Hons), a BSc in Surgery (Hons), and a Doctor of Medicine from Monash University. He trained in Melbourne, Sydney, AU and Toronto, CN.

Prof. Prince treats all types of blood disorders, including anemia, blood clots, and all blood-related cancers. He runs an active research group in stem cell research for the development of and better understanding of the role of the immune system in blood cancer development. In 1995, he set up the Centre for Blood Cell Therapies at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, which includes GMP laboratories for cell-based therapies including CAR T-cell protocols. His clinical research focuses on myeloma, T-cell lymphoma, and immune-based therapies.

Positions of responsibility/awards:

Steering committee member of  Multiple Myeloma Hub

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